SMARTOFFICE™- SMART ATTENDANCE SYSTEM is an Advance Attendance Monitoring System that helps Organization to Track Employee’s Work Attendance with Ease and Accuracy. The secured Digital QR Code used in the Smart Attendance System will reduce Company Cost and time taken to implement the solution since there is no need for Special Attendance Recording System and equipment.

DCA™ Digital Certificate Authentication is an Advanced Document Authentication Solution. It comes with Comprehensive Capabilities for Authentication and Processing Information Digitally. With DCA™, Organizations can Leverage on the Latest Digital Technologies to Authenticate Documents with Accurately and Securely.

DMS™ Digital Marketing System is an Advanced Marketing Platform that Caters and Assists Small Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as Large Corporations to Effectively Market their Products and Services by Leveraging on the Latest Digital Technologies.

DGEN™ Advance Digital Generator is a Comprehensive Advanced Identity Capturing and Management Solution. It comes with a wide array of Capabilities for Authentication and Processing Information Digitally. DGEN™, Organizations can Leverage on the Latest Digital Technologies to Authenticate Identities, such as, Member ship Information, Student Information and so forth, Accurately and Securely.

DTM™ Digital Traders Matching System is an Advanced Matching Platform that Caters and Assists Members to Effectively Match and Recommend Corresponding Traders for Business and Other Economic Activities that promote cooperation and mutual commercial benefits by Leveraging on the Latest Digital Technologies.

SMARTFORM™ is a fully integrated Smart Electronic Form Solution. It comes with a comprehensive capabilities including SmartForm for capturing & processing Information digitally, eSignature to allow customer to sign electronically, OCR to enable the automatic capturing printed text to digital text and eDocument for allowing the conversion of eForm to document format such as PDF for Printing & Filing.

AUTO FINANCE™ is the Latest State-of-Art Solution to improve the Overall Approval of Car Loan Application. With AUTO FINANCE, it Speeds Up the overall operations from Sales Lead, Customer Verification, Customer Approval to Closing Sales.

EMS™ ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is an Advanced Integrated Solution for Managing Enterprise Mobile Applications. EMS is a set of processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context. The role EMS provides has become increasingly important to manage these mobile computing devices securely and strictly adhering to the company security policies.

FLEXSALES™ is the Latest Innovative Solution to Improve the overall Sales Performance for the Banking Sector. It is designed from ground-up leveraging on latest mobile technologies by facilitates sales person to effectively manage the overall business sales

iTRACK™ is an Universal Inventory Tracking Management System which facilitates Organizations to Gain Complete Inventory Control of their Warehouses, Stockrooms & Other Storage Facilities. Additionally, iTRACK can assist Organizations to Manage all of their Assets including Equipments, Furniture, Moveable Assets and any Items that need to be tracked and monitored.

BBS POINT OF SALES (POS)™ is the latest Mobile POS System. It is designed to benefit businesses in various sectors including F&B Restaurants, Mini Markets, Retailers and etc. BBS POS System assists businesses to improve customer order, Operation efficiencies, monitor sales and increase revenues.